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Over the years many significant advances have been made the medical field relating to in Fat Grafting, which is also referred to as Fat Transfer or soft tissue augmentation. Fat Grafting is playing a major role the in the aesthetic, plastic and cosmetic fields today. Fat Grafting has become an alternative option to replace some of the many other traditional surgical procedures used for facial and body rejuvenation.

Fat Grafting started as a solution for facial rejuvenation, but this technique has since grown and as a result larger fat grafts can be performed as breast augmentation, breast reconstruction and buttocks augmentation and lifting.

Autologous Fat Grafting is playing a significant role in facial rejuvenation, especially since this option is relatively less invasive surgical procedure which may result in replacing many other surgical approaches to facial aging in the years to come. Fat serves as a filler and has the added benefit of tissue regeneration and as the techniques and methods improve, this procedure may be able to replace many other surgical procedures available today. The minimally invasive nature of this procedure will greatly benefit many patients who do not wish to undergo major surgery and may assist in achieving better outcomes and results.

The different treatment options for Fat Grafting are based on volumes needed in specific areas. Small volume is used for facial rejuvenation or regenerative procedures, large volume is used for correction of contour deformities after breast augmentation and mega volume fat grafting is primarily used for breast augmentation and gluteal (buttock) augmentation.

Many aesthetic, plastic and cosmetic specialists have moved over to using this method as an alternative to surgery. There has been major positive leaps in the technology, the instruments available and the methods that are being used over the past years. Fat Grafting has curved the way to an exciting time in this specialisation and we believe that many new techniques and treatment options will be tried in the years to come.

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