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Melrose Arch Johannesburg
The Melrose Aesthetic Centre

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At The Melrose Aesthetic Centre, we epitomise professionalism, state of the art treatments and products, as well as absolute client confidentiality.

Welcome to The Melrose Aesthetic Centre

Situated in the heart of trendy Melrose Arch, The Melrose Aesthetic Centre sets the standard in anti-aging face treatments, body procedures Regenerative Health and lifestyle programmes. Our team of medical and aesthetic professionals and highly capable support personnel are trained both locally and internationally and regularly updated on the latest trends in the aesthetic industry.

Our high level of professionalism and knowledge, along with years of experience, form the foundation of our business.  We aim to provide every client with a comprehensive anti-aging solution. Only premium, scientifically-tested products, treatments, and equipment are applied in our regimes and procedures.

What we offer

pic3Expert Consulting and Analysis




At The Melrose Aesthetic Centre, each client receives personalised care, and a thorough consultation with our resident Aesthetic Practitioner. We base our recommendations on every client’s individual needs, personality and expectations.

Face Scan / Visia™ Complexion Analysis

A Visia™ Complexion Analysis System constitutes a comprehensive, in-depth examination of each client’s complexion. It provides data for both superficial and underlying skin conditions such as spots, wrinkles, colour variations, pores, sun damage, pigmentation, vascular and bacteria levels.

Body Scan / Inbody 720 Professional Body Composition Analyzer


An InBody Scan provides a detailed assessment of body fat, water and protein levels, muscle mass and muscular development is conducted, and applied to our recommendations relating to your health, diet, lifestyle and exercise programmes.

Comprehensive Blood Profile


Before any of our laser body sculpting treatments or body wellness programmes are undertaken, we perform a comprehensive range of blood tests, thereby ensuring a tailor-made approach for each individual.

Melrose Health

Our Melrose Health treatments are aimed at both weight loss (and/or centimetre reduction), and also at restoring metabolic functions.  The programmes aim to increase energy levels and improve general health and well-being over the long term.  A complete assessment of your metabolic condition is therefor critical for a successful outcome.

We are confident that the expertise of our professionals, dedication of our staff, and the superiority of our equipment and products make us the leader in the fast growing aesthetic and anti-aging industry today.

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