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How not eating balanced diet affects your body

How bad food affects your bodyOver the past decade, we have seen a shift in the way people think about health and wellness. When it comes to diet and exercise we have been provided with more reasons to be healthier than ever before. The internet, social media and the health industry have opened us all to a new era in wellness. Sadly, even with all this information available to us many do not follow the advice and as a result, obesity has become a reality for many people worldwide.

One of the leading reasons for this is that fast food, processed foods, and convenience foods are often more affordable and easier to access that the fresh and organic wholesome food options. By choice, there are many people who live a balanced life by following a diet that consists strictly of healthy fresh foods and regular exercise but there are many of us who do not make the same choices.

We are all aware of the increased negative effects of processed foods, added growth hormones, pesticides and harmful ingredients that are a product of foods that are mass produced or grown the wrong way. Organic and fresh food options have been proven to be beneficial for countless reasons mainly for our long-term health and wellbeing.

Many people fall into what we believe to be the common excuses or reasons for not following a balanced lifestyle. Whether it is a result of not having the knowledge or having a misunderstanding about what healthy food is or not having access to natural food sources. A reality is we lead fast-paced lifestyles, with time constraints, an increase in work demands and stress that surround many people today, convenience and fast foods are often a far easier choice for meal times. Not to mention that there are numerous diet plans and programs advertised every day, sadly, many of these fad diets are controversial and cause further confusion and misunderstanding. Not only does this make it difficult to stick to programs, but it makes it harder to create long-term lifestyle choices that ultimately should benefit your health and wellness.

Aside from the few who do not have access to a selection of fresh foods, none of these reasons are really valid for not eating and choosing to eat healthily. The Melrose Aesthetic Centre has developed specific nutritional programmes designed to aid you with the right knowledge and tools to make the correct choices which will not only benefit you with a healthier lifestyle but will increase your wellness and longevity.

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