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What is Nano Fat Transfer?

Nano Fat Transfer is the process whereby fat can be harvested from one part of the body and then placed in another part of the body as a fat graft. The reason that is done is to replace volume in the graft area so as to restore contour or shape to the area. This is of particular value in the face as well as in the breasts and buttocks. Fat grafting has an additional value in that it enables rejuvenation of the overlying skin. The reason that happens is because the grafted fat is rich in mesenchymal stem cells.

Adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells (AdMSC) are critical in tissue regeneration and repair. The size of the graft and the components thereof determines whether a graft is a Micro or Nano Fat. The method of preparation and the effect of the graft is variable. The indications for Nano Fat transfer are increasing steadily. In Nano Fat Transfer, thin injection cannulas are used for a more finessed effect. The fat that is used for this treatment is processed into a more refined fat graft called “Nano Fat.”

Clinical applications include refilling of “tear troughs”, fine lines around the mouth and for overall skin rejuvenation where there is evidence of fine lines and thinning of the skin.

How is the fat obtained?

Fat aspiration is a very simple painless procedure that takes less than 30 minutes to perform. It is done under local anaesthetic and the fat is used for grafting immediately thereafter. There are no significant risks involved with this procedure. *

Where is the fat obtained from?

This varies by patient but it is commonly aspirated from the lower abdomin, love handles or buttocks when it is to be used on the face.

How is the fat prepared?

Micro Fat is subjected to centrifuge treatment while Nano Fat is emulsified under sterile conditions.

What are the benefits of using fat?

The results of facial contouring are significant and very rapid with almost immediate results. A certain amount of swelling and brusing occurs in the grafted area however this resolves over a few days to a week. The fat is inserted using blunt cannulas. Since the fat has the AdMScells there is additional skin rejuvenation in the area. The fat potentially will last longer than a regular Dermal Tissue Filler because it is a living graft. *

How long does Nano Fat Transfer last?

This varies amongst patients and can remain up to 3 years. *


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