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Authorised by the Department of Health as a Stem Cell Institution No. J1/2/4/6 SCB-003112014

What can I use my immune cells for?


You can use your immune cells in the future for Dendritic Cell (DC) immunotherapy, an established ‘anti-cancer’ treatment that has been researched and employed for many years. Dendritic cell therapy is the most common form of immunotherapy. Your lifetime probability of a cancer diagnosis is 1-in-3.

Why bank now?

Each day some of the cells in your body acquire ‘cancer-like’ characteristics through genetic mutations that may ultimately lead to abnormal cell growth – and so the onset of cancer. Diseases, such as cancer and HIV, hijack and skew your immune system.

If you have a cancer diagnosis then you are relying on a compromised immune cell population for immunotherapy. The efficacy of your immune system decreases with age. This is called immunosenescence (see Fig.1). Hence it makes good sense to preserve your own immune cells before onset of potential disease, and as early in life as you can.

Immune cell Banking: Five Easy Steps

How are your immune cells collected, processed & stored? It is a simple and safe procedure that can benefit you now, or in the future.

Redermis Step 1 - The Melrose Aesthetic Centre

Step 1

Registered nurse will come to your home/office and collect your desired blood volume along with blood for your transmissible disease safety tests.

Redermis Step 4 - The Melrose Aesthetic Centre

Step 4

Your isolated immune cells will be cryogenically stored indefinitely or until you need them.

Redermis Step 2 - The Melrose Aesthetic Centre

Step 2

Blood is transported to our ISO Class 5 Grade A cleanroom, and your immune cells are isolated within 24-48 hours.

Redermis Step 5 - The Melrose Aesthetic Centre

Step 5

You will be notified of your successful storage and immune cell count through your storage certificate.

Redermis Step 3 - The Melrose Aesthetic Centre

Step 3

A small portion of your cells will be sent to Lancet Laboratories, confirming the purity of immune cells isolated.

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