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How Hormones affect Weightloss

There are many people who diet and exercise regularly and don’t see the results or have a hard time losing weight. Sometimes the answer lies in what you are eating and whether or not you are working out enough. But there are other contributing factors that may play an important role and may be hindering your efforts, factors such as imbalances in hormones, metabolic imbalances, and genetics.


Insulin is the fat storing hormones in the body and is connected to abdominal fat. Insulin allows your body to use sugar, glucose, from carbohydrates in the foods we eat for energy or to store glucose for future use. Excessive eating causes excess fat to be stored in the abdominal area which prevents insulin receptors from acting correctly. The result is the extra insulin causes glucose to be stored, weight to be gained and slows down your metabolism instead of being used to provide energy.

Cortisol is the stress eating hormone which can be effected from any form of stress, anxiety or lifestyle choices which lead to inflammation which force the body to release increased amounts of cortisol. When cravings occur, mostly for sugar and carbs, they are a result of an increase in Cortisol levels. High Cortisol levels contribute to an increase in weight gain or difficult in losing weight, this is due to less calories being burned as the production of the hormones responsible for muscle burning slow down.

The Thyroid is responsible for creating the Thyroid hormone which regulates our metabolism. These metabolism regulating hormones affect an increase in appetite, weight gain or not being able to get the weight off regardless of your efforts. An underactive Thyroid, or if Thyroid hormone levels are low you need to speak advise from a Specialist on correcting. If a Thyroid is overactive it will result in the body not being able to produce enough Thyroid hormone which will prevent your body from burning fat that is stored correctly.

Genetics or your gene make up may be the reason you cannot shed those unwanted kilos. Medical researchers have found a specific gene that is closely linked to obesity. Some people carry a specific gene that make them predisposed to weight gain no matter how much effort they put into dieting and exercise. While we cannot control our genes, we can follow specifically planned diets and workout routines that are designed to sidestep abnormal functions in our bodies.

How do we correct this?

Many Specialist’s offer blood or DNA testing which assist with understanding what is happening internally and more so in creative effective solutions to curbing on of the countless issues that can be preventing you from losing weight. The Melrose Aesthetic Centre offers a lifestyle program, Reboot, which uses blood tests, and where necessary DNA testing, to establish if you have any problematic hormones or vitamin irregularities. One of the keys used in the program is understanding that we need to burn abnormally stored fat and not our muscle. The program is designed to work on your individual issues, minimize inflammation and correct any metabolic disorders. The Melrose Aesthetic Centre uses body composition to measure your success and is a further aid to understanding your body and the improvement as you make these lifestyle changes. Body composition is a measure of your percentage of muscle and fat in the body and is not focused on watching the scale to measure your success.

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