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Fat Transfer is a natural solution to restoring volume and shape as well as to rejuvenate specific areas of your body. Also known as Fat Grafting, Fat Transplantation or as the Fat Injection, this method is used whereby the fat is taken from areas where you have excess fat and injected into the areas you may be lacking volume. The fat is typically taken from the hips, thighs, and abdomen and can be transferred to areas such as the face, hands, breasts or buttocks.

For more than a century, doctors have attempted to utilise fat for the treatment of contouring both the body and face for abnormalities and tissue deficiencies. As early as 1893, free fat autografts were used to fill a soft tissue defect and it has been reported that the fat was used for the face and chin areas as early as 1909. Although research has shown this method has been used for centuries, the modern fat grafting methods started to develop only in the early 1980’s due to the increased popularity of modern day liposuction.

Liposuction has brought a new interest in fat transfers additionally due to the accessibility of fat that can be used for transplantation. Newest and safer techniques have been developed which have provided a more predicable approach to this procedure. Fat Transfer has become an effective, reliable and safe method for restoring lost volume, aiding trauma and assisting the process of cell growth which deteriorates with aging.

It has been reported that in 1986 the use of free fat autographs were used in a variety of treatments for facial deficits. Increased interest in this technique has resulted in Fat Transfer fast becoming the procedure of choice for those wanting to correct scarring, lip augmentation, loss of volume of the breast and buttock and for facial areas such as sunken or hollowed under eye area and the nasolabial fold.

Furthermore, research done in the early 2000’s led to the examination of adipose-derived adult mesenchymal stem cell content which is found in adipose tissue, or fat. This research has revealed the key importance of the cells, stromal vascular fraction (SVF) and extracellular matrix that contribute to the tissue maintenance and the healing process. Stromal Vascular Fraction is a rich source of mesenchymal stem cells and when fat is harvested for stem cells the final product is referred to as Stromal Vascular Fraction. Extracellular matrix is a collection of molecules secreted by cells that provide both structural and biochemical support to the surrounding cells. While this is very science filled information, it has proved that by using the Fat Transfer method, not only do you benefit from restoring lost volume but these contributing factors aid in the healing process and tissue maintenance.

Fat Transfers are available at The Melrose Aesthetic Centre. During consultation, our Aesthetic Specialist will explain the procedure, determine if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure and cover any other questions or concerns you may have.

Fat Transfer is a relatively safe procedure coupled with a low rate of complications. Using this method you will benefit from the treatment without risk of rejection, reduce allergic reactions and minimise the possible transmission of viral infections. The most common complication is the absorption of fat which may result in additional procedures being necessary to achieve optimal results.

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