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Dr Tamara Pheiffer

Dr Pheiffer qualified as a doctor of homoeopathic medicine in 2009 after which she completed an internship at Ukuba Nisibindi government clinic where she was exposed to a multitude of natural treatment modalities from traditional African to Western and Chinese herbal medicine. This began her journey into Integrated Medicine.

Dr Pheiffer has since worked in medical education for 2 of the top international nutraceutical companies where she was responsible for guiding doctors through both standard and functional test results to aid their understanding, and working to develop treatment protocols for their patients that would address patient’s unique biochemistry.

Through these positions she was in the fortunate position of spending one-on-one  intensive training with all of the international experts and speakers that the respective companies utilized for seminars and guidance. This fast tracked her education.

She has lectured both locally and internationally, and believes that education is a critical component of empowering others on their journey to wellness.

Dr Pheiffer has aggressively pursued extensive ongoing education in the field of Functional and Molecular Medicine. Starting with AFMCP and a 2 year Functional medicine intensive training with IFM and is currently studying her Masters in functional and integrated medicine

Dr Pheiffer focuses on biochemical and genetic individuality in her practice and strives to find the underlying root cause of the illness thus bringing the body back to a state of optimal health that is far greater than merely the absence of the disease process. She aims to find trends of illness and correct them long before they affect the function of various organ and hormonal systems.



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